Mainframe Interview Questions,DB2 Administration Interview Questions, DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions,DB2 Admin Interview

If you are given with a query, how you tune it?

Does runstats do a sort?

Explain the steps of Server Installation?

Explain the steps of Disaster Recovery?

What is Increamental /Delta Back up ?

What are the db cfg parms which affect the back up strategy?

Have you worked in partitioned DB ?

How to check no of active conncetions to the DB >> db2 list active databases

The Application team contacts saying DB response is very low what would you do ?

What is a Global Declared Temporary table ? How to use it ?

What is runstats ? how it improves performance ?

What is HADR ? How to load data to a HADR Server ?

SMS table space is full, filesystem is also full , Cannot add SAN what would you do ?

Have you worked in Partitioned DB ?

What are the tables spaces that get created when a DB is initially created,?

What is the use of SYSCAT SPACE ?

What is the use of buffer pools ?

What is buffer pool hit ratio ?

How would you see the buffer pool usage?

How do you find out deadlock transaction ?

What is Reorg check?

Whats are the different Back up types ?

Do you write shell scripts ?

Other than space utilization what is the difference between DMS and SMS ?

How do you find containers that are in error with out looking into diaglog ?

What DB parameter must be set to allow to take incremental back up ?

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