How to set "Final" as the default selection instead of "Final showing markup" in MS Word 2010

Below steps can be used to hide the markups from the MS word document 2010.

Step 1 :

Go to Office button > Word Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Privacy Options.

Step 2 :

In the Document-specific section, clear the checkbox for "Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving".

Just remember that it's now up to you to look for markup before you send the document to anyone else.

If the above option is not working, I have written a article that shows steps to create a macro in office 2010. This will help to change the default view to "Final". 

How to open MS Office Word 2010 without Markup

How to open MS Office Word 2010 without Markup

In Earlier versions of Microsoft Word, the default view is controlled by the application (Final view). Which means that when you add comments or any marks ups in the word document and save it the default view is shown as final when the document is opened.

However from Office 2010 onwards, this feature is controlled within the document,meaning the default view depends on how the document is saved.

Even though this is a new feature in Microsoft office word 2010, I have seen a lot of users complaining that when they open the documents they see all the comments or markups.

Below steps show you a way to overcome this and have your documents opened in a Final view by default. This is not a inbuilt feature but was achieved through a macro.

Step 1 : Open Microsoft Word and go to View - > Macros

Step 2 : Select “Record Macro”.

This will open a pop up as shown below. Type the Macro name as : AutoOpen and select the Assign macro to as “Button

Step 3 : Once you select the Button (highlighted in red), below screen will pop up. Click “Ok”.

Step 4: Select “Review” tab. The default view will show as Final : Show Markup since the document was originally saved in the Mark up format.

Step 5: Change the view to “Final”.

Step 6 : Select view-> Macros-> Stop recording.

Step 7 : Now open the document again that is saved in Markup mode. By default the document opens up in Final view as shown in the below screenshot.