Oracle Commands for DBA to alter db cache

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus –s /nologin<

connect system/manager as sysdba;

alter system set db_cache_size=10m;

alter system flush buffer_cache;


Oracle RAC installation Steps | Installing Oracle Database 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Steps/Procedures for Oracle RAC installation:
Pre-Intsllation Steps:

1.User Creation.
      OSDBA group(dba)
      OSOPER group(oper)
      Oracle Inventory group(oinstall)
      Oracle software owner user(oracle)
2.Configure SSH
3.Configure User Environment
4.Check Hardware Requirements
5.Check Network Requirements
6.Check Software Requirement
7.Configure Symbolic Links
8.Configure Kernal Parameters
9.Checking the Required Base Directories
10. Storage Creation for Clusterware files.

Installation Steps:

1.Verify the Prerequisites of the Clusterware with the CVU using the command.
/mountpoint/crs/Disk1/cluvfy/ stage -pre crsinst -n node_list

2.Install Clusterware
3.Verify the Prerequisites of the RAC Database with the CVU using the command.
/mountpoint/crs/Disk1/cluvfy/ stage -pre dbinst -n node_list [-r
10gR2}] [-osdba osdba_group][-verbose]

4.Install Oracle RAC
5.Create Database.