CICS Interview Questions asked in various MNCs like TCS,Wipro,Infosys,HP Dell and IBM-Part 1

Which is the option of the HANDLE AID command

Which CICS command must be issued by the application program

What table must be update when adding a new transaction and program?

What is the significance of RDO?

What is the meaning of the ENQ and DEQ commands?

What is the function of DFHMDF BMS macro?

What is the difference between START and XCTL ?

What is the difference between a physical BMS mapset and a logical BMS mapset ?

What is the command that is used to delay the processing of a task for a specified time interval
or until a specified time?

What is the CICS command that gives the length of TWA area?

What is meant by a CICS task?

What is difference between call and link ?

What is an MDT ?

What is a logical message in CICS?

What does it mean when EIBCALEN is equal to zeros?

What are the two ways of breaking a CPU bound process to allow other task to gain access to CPU.

What are the differences between DFHCOMMAREA and TSQ?

What are the 3 working storage fields used for every field on the map?

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