Top 5 Classic Games on the iPhone

Doom Classic.
Doom continues its dominance over every electronic device that has a display with the release of Doom Classic.
The Sega CD is one of those systems that never really got a fair shake, and Vay is proof of that. Released into the App Store during the initial launch window, Vay was overshadowed by new games like Enigmo and Trism, and while both are good in their own right, neither of them are a classic RPG from Working Designs on a system that most people never played. If random encounters and sprites make up what you think is a good game, 
Giana Sisters
What? You've never heard of the Giana Sisters? Well, perhaps you should bone up on your Nintendo history. The original game was developed for PCs back in 1987 before Nintendo slapped an injunction on the company releasing it saying that it was too much of a rip-off of Super Mario Bros
Final Fantasy
The game that saved Square and started the Final Fantasy series can now be worshipped in the App Store. The first, and arguably the best, in the FF series takes you back to where it all began, and puts you in the role of the Light Warriors as they set out to save the world
If you're one of those people that have room for a little more confusion in your life, or if you just like to get your brain juices flowing, then it's time that you finally get around to playing the classic adventure game Myst. Originally released in 1993

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