IBM Mainframes Certification

To achieve challenging position in Software field, where my analytical and problem solving skills can put in for the successful completion of the project and the growth of the organization, which is in turn my growth and development.
Personal traits: Dedicated, Consistent positive notions, ability to work in groups, analytical and innovative skills. Good communication skill, Reasoning ability and smart working.

Software Exposure
Languages : C, C++, HTML
Operating System : MS-DOS, Windows 9x, 2000, XP, UNIX
Package : MS –Office XP

IBM Mainframes Certification from Hinduja TMT Ltd, Bangalore.

Project Profile:
ATM Transaction Management System
Module handled : Account information provider
Software : IBM Mainframes
Operating System : MVS, Z/OS - 390
Host Language : COBOL
Compiler : JCL
RDBMS/Backend : DB2
Description: This module will access the master database and generate the respective account information for those accounts with correctly entered passwords. It will generate various screens relevant to each transaction .Screens involved in this module designed using CICS and COBOL is used as host language. The database consists accounting information of customer like name, address, account number, password, amount deposited, retrieved. Once the password entered matches, this module will display account information.If, not the necessary instructions containing screen to proceed will comes into picture.

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