ETL Tools


The times of increasing data-dependence forced a lot of companies to invest in complicated data warehousing systems. Their differentiation and incompatibility led to an uncontrolled growth of costs and time needed to coordinate all the processes. The ETL (Extract, transform, load) tools were created to simplify the data management with simultaneous reduction of absorbed effort. 

Depending on the needs of customers there are several types of tools. 
One of them perform and supervise only selected stages of the ETL process like data migration tools(EtL Tools , “small t”tools) , data transformation tools(eTl Tools “capital T”tools).Another are complete (ETL Tools ) and have many functions that are intended for processing large amounts of data or more complicated ETL projects. 

Some of them like server engine tools execute many ETL steps at the same time from more than one developer , while other like client engine tools are simpler and execute ETL routines on the same machine as they are developed. 
There are two more types. First called code base tools is a family of programing tools which allow you to work with many operating systems and programing languages.The second one called GUI base tools remove the coding layer and allow you to work without any knowledge (in theory) about coding languages.