XML and using Xerces parser for Java to generate and parse XML

his small tutorial introduces you to the basic concepts of XML and using Xerces parser for Java to generate and parse XML.
The intended audience are XML beginners with knowledge of Java.
DOM (Document Object Model ) parser - Tree Structure based API:
    The Dom parser implements the dom api and it creates a DOM tree in memory for a XML document
5.2 SAX (Simple API For XML ) parser - Event Based API
    The SAX parser implements the SAX API and it is event driven interface. As it parses it invokes the callback methods
5.3 When to use DOM parser
  • Manipulate the document
  • Traverse the document back and forth
  • Small XML files
Drawbacks of DOM parser
    Consumes lot of memory 5.4 When to use SAX parser
  • No structural modification
  • Huge XML files
5.5 Validating And Non Validating
DOM and SAX can either be a validating or a non validating parser.
    A validating parser checks the XML file against the rules imposed by DTD or XML Schema.
    A non validating parser doesn't validate the XML file against a DTD or XML Schema.
Both Validating and non validating parser checks for the well formedness of the xml document

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