Types of Triggers in Oracle

Row Triggers and Statement Triggers: A statement trigger is fired once on behalf of the triggering statement, regardless of the number of rows in the table that the triggering statement affects. A row trigger fires once for each row affected by the triggering event.

BEFORE and AFTER Triggers: BEFORE triggers run the trigger action before the triggering statement is run. AFTER triggers run the trigger action after the triggering statement is run.

INSTEAD OF Triggers: INSTEAD OF triggers describe how to perform insert, update, and delete operations against views that are too complex to support these operations natively. INSTEAD OF triggers allow applications to use a view as the sole interface for all SQL operations (insert, delete, update and select).

Triggers on System Events and User Events: You can use triggers to publish information about database events to subscribers. System events are for example Database startup and shutdown, Data Guard role transitions etc and User Events are User logon and logoff, DDL statements (CREATE, ALTER, and DROP) etc

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