Java Garbage Collection Interview Questions |Garbage Collector - Java Interview Questions

Q1) If an object becomes eligible for Garbage Collection and its finalize() method has been called and inside this method the object becomes accessible by a live thread of execution and is not garbage collected. Later at some point the same object becomes eligible for Garbage collection, will the finalize() method be called again?
Ans) No
Q2) How many times does the garbage collector calls the finalize() method for an object?
Ans) Only once.
Q3) What happens if an uncaught exception is thrown from during the execution of the finalize() method of an object?
Ans) The exception will be ignored and the garbage collection (finalization) of that object terminates.
Q4) What are different ways to call garbage collector?
Ans) Garbage collection can be invoked using System.gc() or Runtime.getRuntime().gc().
Q5) How to enable/disable call of finalize() method of exit of the application
Ans) Runtime.getRuntime().runFinalizersOnExit(boolean value) . Passing the boolean value will either disable or enable the finalize() call.

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