jvm out of memory error,Java Out of Memory

I have a question I'm hoping to get some help with.  I have an Oracle 8.1.7 database running on a unix server. The server is also running a java virtual machine. I don't know much about the jvm, but i do know one is running. i have to have it running to run a pl/sql process that uses the oracle xdk package. when i try to run my process with too many reports to parse, i get the error:

ORA-29554: unhandled Java out of memory condition

i assume this means that the jvm ran out of available ram. my question is, does anyone know the details of how to up the memory avaialable to the jvm on the server? if anybody has another opinion on what exactly is causing this error and how to fix it that would be great too. thanks.

take a look at that and try setting the two parameters in the init.ora file:

Oracle introduced the following two new init.ora parameters to limit Java  session memory usage:

JAVA_SOFT_SESSIONSPACE_LIMIT  - This parameter allows you to specify a soft limit on the amount of Java         memory usage in a session. If this parameter is exceeded, a message is written to the alert.log. The default is 1 MB.  
JAVA_MAX_SESSIONSPACE_SIZE   - This parameter sets a hard limit on the amount of Java memory usage a  session can have. If a session exceeds this parameter, it terminates  with the following error: ORA-29554 : unhandled Java out of memory condition
The default is 4 GB.  This limit was purposely set very high so that it would not normally be visible.

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