Installing Oracle 10g on SUSE Linux 9.1:A Step by Step Installation guide

Installing Oracle 10g on SUSE Linux 9.1

Time flies when having fun with databases, and recently it came to my attention that my 8.1.7 developer system was more than dusty. So after a quick trip down to the local memory emporium (the amount of RAM specified by each new Oracle version is without fail twice the amount I currently have) I set out to install Oracle 10g on my PC du jour.
Previous versions of Oracle were always somewhat tricky to install, at least in Linux, requiring certain very specific Java and glibc versions, the sacrifice of small mammals and the like, so I was somewhat apprehensive as to whether 10g would deign to reside on my shiny new SUSE 9.1 Professional with its 2.6 kernel - especially as it's not listed anywhere on the support matrix: 

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