How to convert File from UNIX to IBM Mainframes using PKZIP in os/390?

Question : We have a ZIP file in the Unix System and want to UNZIP it in the mainframes.


The previous versions of PKZIP have supported GZIP, so I have to believe that the newest versions do also.

just downloaded a copy of the PKZIP for z/OS Version 9 User's Guide, and Chapter 12 is actually titled Processing with GZIP.

According to the manual, you need to specify:


and has a few notes:

The GZIP standard does not support PKWARE archive attributes; therefore, some
SecureZIP features are not available for use when the GZIP format is enabled. Some
features which are excluded from use are: strong encryption, digital signatures,
multiple files per GZIP stream, self-extracting archives.
• When enabled with GZIP, password-based 96-bit encryption is supported for decryption
under PKZIP for MVS, PKZIP for zSeries, PKZIP for OS/400, PKZIP for i5/OS,
SecureZIP for i5/OS, PKZIP for z/OS, and SecureZIP for z/OS.
• When processing input GZIP archives, see also: GZIP_SUFFIX and GZIPCRC_IGNORE

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