Basic differences between Oracle and SQL Server

  • Oracle provides password complexity enforcement rule.
  • Connect with one Schema and can work with other schema.
  • Oracle implemented the row versioning on the DB block level.
  • Oracle metadata is managed in the same manner as table data.So during data querying most of online DDL statements on the table can be performed simultaneously.
  • Starting from Oracle 9i the configuration of ROLLBACK SEGMENTS is automatic.
  • Oracle is well rich with Index Options.
  • Oracle provides Automatic Storage Management (ASM), which assists with RAC/Grid based cluster deployment.
  • Oracle provides proprietary cluster file system on Linux and Windows platforms that helps in avoiding the use of raw devices.
  • Oracle provides Materialized Views for performance improvements of Stored Data with multiple Tables.
  • Oracle has more recovery options for corrupted database, redo log or datafile than MSSQL.
Microsoft implemented row level lock based on each single row.
SQL Server
  • all DDL operations that are currently running on tables belong to database "Snapshot Isolation". "Snapshot Isolation" queries are prohibited.
  • SQL requires a complex setup of ROLLBACK Segments and Transaction Level use on it.
  • SQL has just BTREE Index while compare to Oracle.
  • SQL has limitations using Materialized Views.

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