The following are the general programming errors, which I think every beginning java programmer would come across. Here is a solution on how to solve the problems when running on a Microsoft Windows Machine.

1. ‘javac’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

When you get this error, you should conclude that your operating system cannot find the compiler (javac). To solve this error you need to set the PATH variable.

How to set the PATH Variable?

Firstly the PATH variable is set so that we can compile and execute programs from any directory without having to type the full path of the command. To set the PATH of jdk on your system (Windows XP), add the full path of the jdk\bin directory to the PATH variable. Set the PATH as follows on a Windows machine:

a. Click Start > Right Click “My Computer” and click on “Properties”
b. Click Advanced > Environment Variables.
c. Add the location of bin folder of JDK installation for PATH in User Variables and System Variables. A typical value for PATH is:

C:\jdk\bin (jdk

If there are already some entries in the PATH variable then you must add a semicolon and then add the above value (Version being replaced with the version of JDK). The new path takes effect in each new command prompt window you open after setting the PATH variable.

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