Difference between dbrm.lib and loadlib in COBOL

Normally when a COBOL-DB2 code is compiled, during pre-compilation process, all the SQL codes embedded in the COBOL code will be extracted and moved into a DBRM. The DBRM will be situated in a system library called DBRM.lib. Once the DBRM is created then binding of the DRBM happens where a package or a plan is created for a particular DBRM or set of DBRM's. After the binding is done. The COBOL code is compiled and the system generated a Object module. After the compilation, link editing takes place where all the sub modules called and copybooks used by this COBOL code will be linked to this Object module, with this a Load module is generated and this is situated in a System library like LOADLIB.LIB.

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