What are the intrinsic objects present in ASP.NET

Many features of ASP.NET will be familiar to you if you have used previous versions of ASP. Although the object-oriented design and underlying code of ASP.NET is radically different from ASP, many of the most commonly used keywords and operators in ASP remain in ASP.NET. Familiar intrinsic objects such as Request, Response, Server, Application, and Session are part of ASP.NET and are used in much the same way as they were in ASP. However, in ASP.NET these objects are defined in new classes in the System.Web namespace. For example, these intrinsic objects are now properties of the System.Web.HttpContext class but because the objects are automatically created by ASP.NET when a new request for a Web resource is received and a new context is created, you can use them directly
without having to instantiate new objects. 

Request,Response,Application,Server and Session are the intrensic obejects in ASP.Net

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