Differences between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Express

VS 2005 Professional comes with SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, I'm wondering if I install the Developer Edition, does that mean I don't need to install the Express Edition?

What is the difference between SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition?

Developer edition is basiclly Enterprise which can be installed on XP Pro SP2 (has a few limits like memory and CPU.  and of course limited on the license to development / test environments).

Express is a cut down version of SQL Server. Like MSDB was for 2000.

If you install Developer you don't need Express,  on my machine at work I have 2000, Express and 2005 but thats because VS 2005 installed express for me.  Should really turn off the service, but i keep forgetting.

Even tho Developer edition isn't listed on the site, keep in mine it is closer to Enterprise than any of the others.


Answer 2:
I work with a firm that has a product that runs on Access FE (forms/reports) and SQL 2000/2005 BE (sp's, views, tables), and am still in the learning process on the SQL side.  I don't dare ask if they will let me install their license on my machine, but considering to ask if I can install their Developer 2005 version.  They are a "Microsoft Partner". 

I think Express is out of the question, as it doesn't contain the bells and whistles that are in Standard+ editions.  As I understand it, the Developer's version is just like Enterprise with the limitation of only 1 CAL.  Does that mean only 1 concurrent user or only 1 user -- can it have multiple user IDs in the user list, and allows only 1 user to be connected to the server at a time?  The BE databases I wish to learn from and troubleshoot-while-learning will have 1 to many users defined.  Perhaps 1-CPU is another limitation? Which is no biggy, as I am not looking for "production server" speed.

In short, I'm looking for the edition that will be as close of match to the Enterprise Edition, but for use by me alone.  Still having the ability to generate objects as in Enterprise, and execute same on the Enterprise edition. 

If the Developer Edition meets my requirements, the price is so good I'll buy it myself if my firm won't let me install it - they should, as I would only be using it for their product.

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