Five Things Missing from the iPad

After much awaiting launch of the iPad , many in the techie community have raised several comments claiming Apple's latest ipad is missing key features, functions, and hardware components. Lets see and have a review of the features that are missing which other wise will make the apple ipad a tech savvy gadget.
1.No built in Camera
Of all of the surprising omissions in the iPad, the absence of a built-in camera came as the biggest shock. With just about every mobile device incorporating some sort of camera these days, the iPad's lack of some sort of photo or video taking ability is stupefying. Granted, Apple is pushing the iPad as a web browsing, media-loving, book reading device, but given how cheap and accessible the technology is, it would have been a simple addition to the hardware. 
2.No Flash Support
This is another big omission from the iPad: support for Adobe Flash. It’s bad enough on the iPhone, but imagine loading up a nice video link on the iPad only to have it… simply not play.
3.No USB Port:
Isn’t the usb point missing the point? The iPad requires a host computer; it’s more like an iPod in that sense. You can’t plug an iPod into an iPod. Just to say: the iPad is not an unhitched computer in the way a Kindle or a netbook is. Nor is it the MacCloud of my dreams, able to run off an MobileMe account.
4.No Mutitasking
From what we saw on the iPads we tested following the keynote this week, multitasking is not offered for apps on the iPad. Other than simply utilizing the iPod functionality while using other apps, you can't seem to run multiple apps at once. Apple could potentially add this feature later through a firmware update, but we wouldn't expect it for quite some time (or before the 2nd-gen iPad is announced).
5.Typing Ergonomic
The iPad will be a huge competitor for netbooks and laptops and has support for iWorks and web browsing, but its missing keyboard is one of the iPad's only disappointments. Being sort of an upgraded iPhone, an actual keyboard wasn't expected to be an inbuilt feature, but with all of the input demanding programs on the iPad, it's hard to believe that the iPad lacks a better solution than that silly keyboard dock (that isn't practical on the go).

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