Fedora 12 vs. Windows 7

After the grand launch of much awaited ?Windows 7?, on October 22' 2009 here comes Fedora 12, code names Constantine. In this story we will try to see how Fedora 12 fares against Windows 7 plus will also compare the Ext4 (one of the key highlights of Fedora 12) against Ext3 and NTFS.
One of the key enhancements in Fedora 12 is the Ext4 boot support which was not there in Fedora 11. But coming to the desktop of Fedora 12, it still doesn't impress me because the Compiz effects are still more or less the same and I don't see much of the difference as compared to Fedora 11. Some other enhancements of Fedora 12 are better touch screen and tablet support, and an improved Bluetooth stack.

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