What is difference between oracle and sqlserver ?

1. Oracle runs on many platforms
2. Oracle includes IFS (Internet File System), Java integration
3. Oracle requires client install and setup (Not difficult, but very UNIX-like for Windows users)
4. Oracle is well rich with Index Options.
5. Oracle provides Materialized Views for performance improvements of Stored Data with multiple Tables.
6. Failover support in SQL is much, much easier
7.Oracle provides password complexity enforcement rule..
8.Connect with one Schema and can work with other schema.

SQl Server:
1.All DDL operations that are currently running on tables belong to database "Snapshot Isolation". "Snapshot Isolation" queries are prohibited.
2.SQL requires a complex setup of ROLLBACK Segments and Transaction Level use on it.
3.SQL has just BTREE Index while compare to Oracle.
4.SQL has limitations using Materialized Views.
5.SQL Analysis Services is included (A very powerful OLAP server)
6.SQL is ANSI-SQL '92 compliant, making it easier to convert to another ANSI compliant database, theoretically anyway (truth is every database has proprietary extensions). Oracle is generally more proprietary and their main goal is to keep their customers locked-in.

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