J2EE Interview Questions

1)What is J2EE?

2)What is the J2EE module?

3)What are the components of J2EE application?

4)What are the four types of J2EE modules?

5)What does application client module contain?

6)What does Enterprise JavaBeans module contain?

7)What does resource adapt module contain?

8)How many development roles are involved in J2EE application?

9)What is difference between J2EE 1.3 and J2EE 1.4?

10)Is J2EE application only a web-based?

11)Are JavaBeans J2EE components?

12)Is HTML page a web component?

13)What is the container?

14)What is the web container?

15)What is the thin client?

16)What are types of J2EE clients?

17)What is deployment descriptor?

18)What is the EAR file?

19)What are JTA and JTS?

20)What is JAXP?

21)What is J2EE Connector?

22)What is JAAP?

23)What is Model 1?

24)What is Model 2?

25)What is Struts?

26)How is the MVC design pattern used in Struts framework?

27)Do you have to use design pattern in J2EE project?

28)Is J2EE a super set of J2SE?

29)What does web module contain?

30)What APIs are available for developing a J2EE application?

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